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Direct Mail Advertisement (email) - American Eagle

This is an ad from American Eagle, sent to my personal email on March 28, 2013. This ads main purpose is to draw the customer online with loud colors, large fonts displaying the discounts, and a reminder that the sale is going to end soon. It is strictly an online/email platform serving as the gateway to the store. From personal experience, this works. I’ve been drawn in probably one too many times.
I receive emails about promotions, store events, coupons etc. Makes me a loyal and happy customer!

Target Commercial January 2013- “What baby wants, baby gets”.
This commercial is a part of Target’s new campaign that is a spin on designer collection ads or higher end branding. This parody like ad is clearly addressing women, specifically pregnant woman and all their wild cravings. Their message shows that a variety of items are available at target and at a moments notice if needed all in a comedic way. Personally, I think it’s brilliant.

(also controversial)
YouTube advertisement uploaded August 2012. With the tagline “It’s not our fault we are visual creatures”, Axe is selling hair gel and targeting men through the use of, for the lack of a better word “visual aid”. The ad is affective in that it is clear which audience they were targeting, however, could be somewhat offensive to some.

“Hey Kid, Catch!” is the popular name for a well-known television advertisement for Coca-Cola starring Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle “Mean” Joe Greene, which debuted on October 1, 1979.

Officially titled “Mean Joe Greene” by McCann-Erickson, the ad agency that created the commercial which was part of the “Have a Coke and a Smile” ad campaign. The campaign especially suggests that happiness and Coke go hand in hand.

The plot of the ad is following a football game, a child gives an injured Greene a Coke, prompting “Mean” Joe to smile and toss the kid his team jersey. The commercial became immensely popular, listed as one of the top ten commercials of all time by multiple sources, including TV Guide magazine.