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Abilene Outdoor Board - Blake Fuldenwider Auto Group

This is an billboard right of outside of Abilene in Clyde, Texas. The advertisement is for Blake Fuldenwider Auto Group, which is a car dealership in multiple facets. They have specialty brands like Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram but in this specific ad they are contributing to the apparent need of Sprinter Vans. This company is a family based and local company with its main advertising through billboards such as this one and word of mouth.


In the summer of 2012, Pepsi began a media campaign with Latin music artist Pitbull as their front man. Marking to Hispanic Americans, specifically in the Miami area – Pepsi caters to latin culture with culturally relevant music and targeting their target market of high Latin americans in Miami. The campaign has several commercials like this one, some completely in Spanish and some spoken in both Spanish and English. While both were aired on television, the commercials varied by channel and geographical region – obviously sticking to more Latin based areas. Pepsi has taken similar strides in the Latin advertising world also using Sofia Vergara as a spokes woman. Having role models such as her and Pitbull have been very successful for Pepsis brand.

Multi-Media Campaigns - Disney World

Disney World is infamous for using every media outlet possible to promote not only the parks but the Disney brand as a whole. As of April 2013, their Facebook page alone had over 43 million likes. Through Facebook, television advertisements, print advertisements and other forms of social media – Disney has mastered the art of what it means to be a well rounded brand. Within each realm of advertisement, there are special benefits to those who pay attention to them, such as discounts on park fees, vacation package deals, etc. Disney had taken over the majority of the media world, and it has benefitted their company and the people who love the happiest place on earth.

Spotify is an online radio company that promotes free music playlists for people who create a Spotify profile. For users that have the free Spotify account hear Spotify commercials and/business advertisements after a certain amount of music play time. The video attached is a sample of current Spotify listeners hear on a daily basis. Those who choose to purchase Spotify premium do not have any radio advertisements.

In February of 2012, Old Spice started a TV Campaign that was very influential to pop culture. It set Old Spice ahead with a new image and following. Usually, their target market were older working males, however they created this advertisement with the intent of influencing women to buy their products for their men. Sort of the “the man every woman wants and every man wants to be” approach. The commercial ran on air for several months, but ultimately was switched to being available solely on YouTube. With creative, quirky and witty writing, this advertisement sent the campaign off with immediate success and Old Spice is one of the leading soaps in the US.

Guerilla Marketing - Nivea

According to, Nivea came out with this promotion around different places throughout the country. Nivea is a beauty product brand targeted towards women and that is exactly what this advertisement does. I think it is really creative and definitely think it makes a lasting impact.

There are several other examples of guerrilla marketing on this website. Some are genius!

Perhaps one of the most influential YouTube post to affect our generation, Invisible Children uses cause marketing to promote their nonprofit organization. Invisible Children is a foundation that fights against the war going on in the northern African area. War Lord Joseph Kony and over 200 vicious members of the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) abduct children young as 5 and force them to kill, steal, and destroy. Countless amounts of injustice against these children, their families, and their villages have left them all in complete disarray.
Enter Invisible Children on March 5, 2012 – With this specific campaign they used social media as their foundation of their promotion. With emotional and inspirational media, they succeed with an over night sensation that spread not only on YouTube but all over every media outlet. Ultimately they were asking the public to stand behind their cause and donate time/money. The YouTube video now has over 92 million views and Invisible Children continue to gain more support every day.

In Game Advertisement

Smartphone game, Words with Friends constantly has banner ads at the top and bottom of the phone screen. Different companies pay for the advertising placement, making the game available free to smart phone users. The banner at the bottom of this particular ad is from Nordstrom Rack. If you tap the ad it takes you directly to their mobile website where you can online shop straight from your phone. It’s an innovative idea to meet the costumer directly and conveniently, but still somewhat annoying to the person just wanting to play words with friends.

Promotional Advertisement - Bath & Body Works

This advertisement is notorious in the Bath & Body Works world. A promotional code (promo code) is included within the advertisement as a reward for the customer. These type of ads come as in store coupons, online mediums, direct mail, and magazine ads. The purpose is the promote specific products of sales dates.

In February of 2011, Toyota wanted to run this ad as a TV commercial, but was banned from doing so due to “controversial material”. Some people were concerned that the Toyota Rav4 campaign promoted domestic violence, manipulation and other physical concerns. Others simply saw the ad as a simple “cat and mouse” play.
Personally speaking, I believe the ad was just a comedic attempt to show how irresistible the Rav4 is, and that everyone is fighting to own this car.
Whether you believe it was controversial or not, the case remains that the only means of seeing the ad is now on YouTube and it will never air on TV.