Perhaps one of the most influential YouTube post to affect our generation, Invisible Children uses cause marketing to promote their nonprofit organization. Invisible Children is a foundation that fights against the war going on in the northern African area. War Lord Joseph Kony and over 200 vicious members of the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) abduct children young as 5 and force them to kill, steal, and destroy. Countless amounts of injustice against these children, their families, and their villages have left them all in complete disarray.
Enter Invisible Children on March 5, 2012 – With this specific campaign they used social media as their foundation of their promotion. With emotional and inspirational media, they succeed with an over night sensation that spread not only on YouTube but all over every media outlet. Ultimately they were asking the public to stand behind their cause and donate time/money. The YouTube video now has over 92 million views and Invisible Children continue to gain more support every day.